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Beyond The Darkness

The first solo album by former Anihilated guitarist Mark Beuchet helped by some very talented friends ! Heavy but melodic thrash metal featuring the vocal talents of Rob Durrant from Kemakil and Chewy from Blacktop Harrison, along with guest guitar solos from Spencer Lee Horton, Todd Manning (Anihilated) and Rob Durrant.


Some amazing lyrics are provided by Si Cobb from Anihilated. If you like your 80's thrash then you're gonna love this one !


It follows the story of one mans quest for revenge and retribution against the leader of the new world. Set in a landscape of toxicity, suffering, greed and corruption. 


If you're a fan of previous Anihilated releases, Path To Destruction (1986) Created In Hate (1988), The Ultimate Desecration (1989) Scorched Earth Policy (2010) and iDeviant(2013) then this is a must.

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